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You might have received an email in your Inbox, or to say, many of them, emails which invite you to buy software for rock bottom prices, a typical presentation of a software’s original price and its reduced cost is somewhat like the following:

What do they offer?

  • Product: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Our Price $49.95
  • Retail Price $199
  • You Save $149.05

Now, this… is a scam. How? Let’s check! First, these emails are sent from free email accounts. It is not a practice for reputable online software sellers to do so. Secondly, there is no way anyone could sell a software for such a low down price. Thirdly, this software is DOWNLOAD ONLY! Which means that there is no physical confrontation involved of the seller with you, you don’t get a chance to get their real details even, so there is no chance of you getting back at them.

Now I decided to check on one of these guys who was selling Microsoft Windows 10 at an unbelievable price of $49.95. I paid the cash and got an email with a download link, I did the download and got the files. I found out that it was a PIRATED and CRACKED version of Microsoft Windows 10. It was not legal at all. I tried sending an email back to these guys and they didn’t respond for over a week.

Don’t be a victim of these pirated pieces of stuff. Go and buy original software. Do not get lured into getting this software for cheap, you will not get the original thing and you might get sued for encouraging piracy.

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