Lost my job, my car died, i thought you were a friend…

I am victim of the Money Order scams from Nigeria. I did not necessarily fall for him in a romantic sense, but actually had a momentary lapse of sanity that he was a kind soul.

I started chatting with this person back in October of 2004. I do not know how he got my ID or how he found me, but as is common, a lot of men “troll” chat rooms. His name claimed to be Martins. He sent me two pictures of what claimed to be him at the time. Later, in November, he sent me six more that he said were him but these images were not the same. I pointed this out to him and he claimed that he didn’t know who the original pictures were of at first, but then it became his friend that he worked with. How can you not know your friend? I have since seen the same pictures of both “the friend” and “him” on a dating site.

Martins was supposedly to have grown up in Manchester, England and was doing business in Spain and Africa. I just kept our conversations casual – he would claim to have loved me and all other types of lies and fancy words. I refused to fall for it. I do not believe in long distance, but a casual type friendship did develop.
In December, I lost my job, my car died, and my mother became very ill. He offered to help me, give me a loan … I truly thought he was being a friend.

He sent me money orders. I took those money orders to a post office here and 2 banks who insisted they were real. It took almost a month for the bank to notify me. During this time, he sent packages to my home, without my permission, that he wanted me to resend to him in Nigeria for his “client” by a parcel account. I did nothing with those things. When the bank called, I started digging, the parcel account was set up on a stolen credit card number, with a bogus phone number. The items shipped to my home were also on stolen credit cards. I was now in debt for $5000, a mother going through cancer surgery, loss of job, loss of transportation, what else!!!! Now possession of fraudulent money orders?

I confronted him … he said to “martins_c147: forget about that” and here I sit with a loan for $5000, no job, and no way to get this man. I have found both of the sets of pictures of the so called Martins on a modeling website and have also seen those same pictures on the dating site as well.

I am hoping that, in some small way, I can educate people to know the difference.

Dee from New Jersey


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